Giant news has been dropped onto Club Penguin.

All items are shown below! 


All items are shown on penguin also below in the same order!

From what information we’ve received, I believe that this will be the last milestone code.

There could be more for 4,000,000 Club Penguin Online Users, or 3,500,000.

However, it has been stated that there won’t be any more milestone codes.

There is also the possibility that we could get more discord milestone codes.
Such as 150,000 or 200,000.

However these milestones could be months away, so we won’t know until then.

Moving onwards to the rest of the news.

The exact words posted by Riley on twitter were;
“3 MILLION USERS!!!! Thank you to EVERYONE for helping us achieve this amazing goal! Never have we have thought our small Club Penguin server would’ve grown this much! Thank you so much! Make sure to join our celebration party this weekend for your party hat! ❤️”

So from this, I’ve gathered that there will be a mini party, sort of thing, Where there will be a gold and black themed party hat, like the one received from the 2,000,000 party back in February-March.

Could this only be a two-day party going over Saturday and Sunday, or could this be a full party kind of like the 2,000,000 one.

However from the words “this weekend for your party hat” makes me believe that it will only be over Saturday an Sunday. 

But on discord, another piece of information was thrown in;
3 million code! And party this weekend with the release of a new custom room :eyes:

Could this mean another room remodel, like the lighthouse? Or is it a whole new room, will it be temporary, or permanent.

Only time will tell. Make sure to stay tuned as I will be updating the blog when more things of significance happen!

Goodbye for now
Lottie Signing off :3



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